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Why we built Plasticity Insights

At Plasticity Labs, we know that assessments help us to better understand human behavior. After all, when you’re a team made up of scientists, research is just part of your DNA. But, even we underestimated just how important it is for employees to take part in these..

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The Incredible Women of Plasticity Labs

As a CEO, I believe you should always be evangelizing your team and your customers; they are the ones who ultimately drive the success of your business. Today, I’d like to shine a spotlight specifically on a few of the incredible women at Plasticity Labs.

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Tips On Hiring For "Culture Fit"

During the hiring process; identifying the right person with the best skills for the job may seem like a challenge. But, at Plasticity, we believe this to be the easiest part. Effectively hiring people who are a good culture fit is often times the toughest part of..

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World Happiness Day 2014

Who would have thought.

A little over 4 years ago I was a professional athlete. I ran up the side of mountains to train for my regular season, until suddenly, I contracted a strange neuromuscular disease.

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Who Gives a Thanks

At Plasticity Labs, we focus on positive interactions and recognition as an important part of the type of interactions that create a happier workplace. Recognition is often paired with other forms of positive interactions like optimism, gratitude, empathy,..

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What Employees Value At Work:

How it Relates to Performance

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Unlocking Happiness at Work

by Plasticity Co-Founder & CMO, Jennifer Moss

Unlocking Happiness at Work