The Anatomy of a Purpose-Driven Workforce

In the search for the special sauce of employee engagement, “purpose” has become one of the biggest buzzwords in People & Culture circles – and rightfully so. On average, we will spend 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work. We deserve to feel like we are contributing..

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Improving Your Management Process - Moving HR Insights Into Action

Over the past few years , as we have collected data and delivered insights to our partner customers, we have identified some common challenges that organizations typically face when trying to execute on their insights and create lasting positive change.
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Introducing new PATH Experience

Introducing a new version of PATH! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to explore Plasticity, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

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Join us March 20th for Plasticity's World's Biggest Gratitude Wall Record Attempt

We are thrilled to announce that our application for the Biggest Gratitude Wall in the World has been approved by Guinness World Records! 

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Should Every Country Have a Happiness Strategy?

What the Global Happiness Policy Report Tells Us About Happiness Around the World

When I suggest that going to Dubai will make you happier, I’m not being glib. Of course, the aquamarine oceans, tropical palm trees, world-class food and that state of awe you feel.. Read More

Top 10 Must-Read Books On Happiness, Positive Psychology, And Emotional Intelligence

Authentic Happiness

by Dr. Martin Seligman

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The one simple thing you can do everyday to become happier at work - and in life

Did you know there's one simple thing you can do at the beginning of your workday to improve your happiness, performance and overall well-being?

At Plasticity, our mission is to give people the skills to create happier, higher performing workforces. And even though..

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Why we built Plasticity Insights

At Plasticity Labs, we know that assessments help us to better understand human behavior. After all, when you’re a team made up of scientists, research is just part of your DNA. But, even we underestimated just how important it is for employees to take part in these..

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Plasticity Labs Announces Their Newest Product – Plasticity Insights

KITCHENER, ON, May 29, 2017 – Plasticity Labs, today announced the release of Plasticity Insights, the newest and most disruptive way to measure employee engagement. Insights is the first and only survey engine that measures workplace culture, mental health,..

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What is Happiness?

We are starting a new series on the Plasticity blog to help you better understand positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity and their relationships to happiness. We begin with a look into 'What is happiness?' from Jennifer Moss, Plasticity Labs..

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