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Over the past few years, as we have collected data and delivered insights to our partner customers, we have identified some common challenges that organizations typically face when trying to execute on their insights and create lasting positive change.
 In our experience, the top four challenges we see are:
  1. Leadership teams often do not have the background or expertise required to move from data, to action, to long-lasting change.
  2. The world of employee well-being is still relatively new, and so data and insights around employee well-being is even less understood than traditional performance or engagement data.
  3. It takes time and support to properly process the insights. To properly act on insights, teams and leaders need to effectively understand what it means for their team specifically and why it is so important to the employees they know.
  4. It takes time and support to properly act on the insights. Once the insights are delivered, people still have full-time jobs and workloads. How can teams and leaders break down the insights into the smallest realistic and meaningful actions that will lead to meaning positive change?
Many of shiny and new #HRtech companies are Venture funded. This leads to a focus on highly scalable and profitable work - for example, technology and tool creation - that can quickly increase their valuation and increase the likelihood that they will be acquired by a larger company. Translating insights into meaningful action, however, requires a high-touch approach that Venture funds typically shy away from. When looking at the big picture of your data, this process is equally as important. Insights are only as good as how accurately they convey a story and how well they can guide your decision-making.
Using these lessons, we have spent the past 12 months evolving how we work with clients to translate their Insights into action that makes sense for their organization. We started by deepening our Insights process with fewer clients; spending more time with them after each report to make sure that the process is effective and translates into positive and lasting change within their organizations. 
The results have been incredible and this has become our primary goal: Creating meaningful, lasting, and positive change for organizations and their people.
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.08.19 AM
(Above is an example of the distribution of responses from employees. What is this telling us and how do you make this matter?)
One way that we now do this is by offering partners an Insights workshop to complement their Insights report, with the goal being to not only communicate to partners what their results are telling them, but also why they are important and how to most effectively act on them. This is the high-touch part of the process that addresses all four of the challenges listed above, but is so frequently missing from standard engagement and culture reports.
In an effort to continuously improve and ensure that we are delivering value, we have been collecting feedback on our process. After each Insights workshop, we ask our partners to rate the workshop on a scale of 1-100 and provide comments. On average, partners find that working through their Insights in this way is very informative (93/100), they find our presenters to be engaging (96/100), and would attend a similar session (96/100) or suggest a similar workshop to others (95/100). 
Participants’ comments have also been enlightening, and have demonstrated just how important it is for Insights to be communicated back to organizations in a clear and effective way. For example: 
  • I have managed teams for years and conducted many employee surveys. In the past, I have looked at the survey results, maybe highlighted a few things that I could change/improve then that was that. Working with Plasticity, analyzing the results but then spending meaningful time on how to put it into action and empower our teams was incredible. I had so many "Ah-Ha!" moments throughout the workshop and grew exponentially as a leader in just a few short hours. Thank you!
  • Receiving results from a survey can often be tedious and sometimes difficult and confusing. Plasticity made this session very informative and easy to understand. Graphs/numbers were straightforward and easy to understand. information shared was relevant to my role. The Plasticity presenter was an amazing speaker: motivational, inspiring, lots of fun anecdotes/metaphors - I could listen to him all day!
  • We collect a lot of data, and we could create the largest most detailed reports, but that would only feed our egos. Instead we focus on creating brief, focussed reports, separating out the most important signals, and then helping that insight to be understood and acted upon in meaningful ways across organizations.
If any of this resonates with you - maybe you’re used to being handed a thick binder of data with no clear direction or are struggling to put data into action - give us a call, and let’s talk about how we can help evolve your practice and create meaningful, lasting, positive change in your workplace.
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