Plasticity Labs Announces Their Newest Product – Plasticity Insights

KITCHENER, ON, May 29, 2017 – Plasticity Labs, today announced the release of Plasticity Insights, the newest and most disruptive way to measure employee engagement. Insights is the first and only survey engine that measures workplace culture, mental health, emotional intelligence and then maps it to employee performance metrics.

Insights will replace the traditional annual engagement and pulse surveys with its first-of-its-kind approach to analysis. Surveys were created by PhDs in social, behavioral and organizational psychology and each survey was validated through a rigorous academic ethical process.

Plasticity Insights helps organizations move beyond employee engagement to decode what makes a thriving workplace culture. According to Samson Ling, CEO of Clarion Medical Technologies, Plasticity Insights gives him the ability to create connections between his employees, “Since implementation about 18 months ago, Plasticity has enabled us to build links between office and field staff that we have not been able to do before. It allows us to track programs and their progress against metrics.”

Organizations today are facing challenges of understanding how their workplace culture, vision and management effect individual departments, branches and teams. With 95% of CEOs stating that culture is critical to their organizational success and yet only 5% know how to effectively measure it. With its repeating measurement and historical benchmarking capability, Plasticity Insights can predict problems before they arise, then offer the appropriate change management solutions to reduce the negative impacts on the organization.

Plasticity Insights collects and interprets people and culture data to help guide organizational change and workplace improvements. Unmatched in its approach to measurement, Plasticity Insights gives organizations an honest view into their culture and employee sentiment. Built for the future of work-life integration, Plasticity Insights considers the happiness and well-being of the individual employee in its recommendations.

The Insights assessment includes the HERO Survey™, available only to Plasticity Labs customers. However, the survey can be tailored to fit the needs of your company. The reports offer findings analyzed by our team of PhDs in Social Psychology, Math and Data sciences, and Workplace Behavior. Heat maps also offer customers with an ongoing top-down view of departments, branches, locations. All data is anonymized and can be broken down into other demographic interests to show trends across various groups, e.g. gender, tenure, etc.

Plasticity Labs offers a long-term solution to improving workplace mental health, and happiness for employees both at work and in life. The company is on a mission to give 1 Billion people the tools to live a happier, healthier and higher performing life. Their other products, like PATH and COMMUNITY, supports personal and professional development through emotional intelligence and happiness training in the workplace and in groups. Plasticity Labs also helps shape better global policies related to happiness through collaboration on research with partners at Harvard, Stanford, Wilfrid Laurier, UCLA, Berkeley, and the University of Waterloo.




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