The one simple thing you can do everyday to become happier at work - and in life

Did you know there's one simple thing you can do at the beginning of your workday to improve your happiness, performance and overall well-being?

At Plasticity, our mission is to give people the skills to create happier, higher performing workforces. And even though we say that the habits of high performing people require intention and effort to build, those actions don’t need to be complicated.

They can be as simple as brushing your teeth, holding the door open for someone, or perhaps even as simple as saying 'thanks'.

All you need is a pen and a piece of paper to write down one thing or person you are grateful for everyday. It's as simple as that!

In research performed by Dr. Buote, it was determined that gratitude is a vital part of workplace culture. Practicing gratitude at work reaps many benefits:

“Grateful people [are] happier, often have better moods, they are also more trusting and feel greater support from others”. Dr. Buote outlines that shockingly, “only 30% of people express thanks to co-workers several times a week, and only 20% thank their boss several times a week. A full 35% of people never thank their boss and 29% never thank a co-worker”.

In a study where some participants were asked to list the things they are grateful for while others listed the hassles, “the gratitude group reported increased positive emotions, reduced symptoms of physical illness, and were more likely to help or support someone else”.  Expressing gratitude encourages stronger team relationships and a more positive work environment.

By asking employees to write down three things they are grateful for at the start of their workday can improve sales by 35%, reduce coding errors by 37%, increase rate of promotions, bonuses and pay, and even improve healthiness by reducing sick days from six to two every year.


The Worlds Largest Gratitude Wall

Since moving into our office space, we have decided to practice what our scientists preach by creating our own Gratitude Wall: a positive and constructive way for employees to routinely express who and what they are grateful for.

This idea sprouted from The Smile Epidemic, a project that encourages people to be mindful of the simple things in life that bring them happiness.

The wall is an activity designed to encourage mindfulness and think in terms of gratitude, rather than condemnation. It is symbolic of our own growth, as we train our brains to expand and think more mindfully. The wall truly strengthens our workplace culture.

One of the best parts about our Gratitude Wall is seeing everyone who comes to visit our office stop and write a note. It is even featured in's World Coolest Offices as one of the must-haves to improve employee experiences. You can even follow the Gratitude Wall on Instagram.

Sarah Hay

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