Why we built Plasticity Insights

At Plasticity Labs, we know that assessments help us to better understand human behavior. After all, when you’re a team made up of scientists, research is just part of your DNA. But, even we underestimated just how important it is for employees to take part in these assessments. Even more importantly, it is imperative that leaders also ask the right questions.

Time and again, we’ve witnessed the harmful consequences of assessing the wrong elements of employee engagement. Whether it’s not asking the right questions, not sure how to act on the findings or not acting at all, employee engagement surveys don’t help organizations move forward.

Every leader, and every employee, has a goal for where they want to go in life - an aspiration for a best possible future self.

Perhaps they want to make more money.

Or, maybe it’s a health goal.

Maybe a CEO wants to make his or her company a great place to work.

Maybe a CMO wants the world to recognize their brand as one of the best in the world.

For anyone trying to get to that ideal future state, you start by planning how to get there.

Pathways to goals, particularly in organizations, are often an overlooked action. We just assume we’ll fix the issue, make the big changes, arrive at our future state, but don’t assess where we are today – in this moment.

Let’s use the analogy of using Google maps; if the app didn’t have the address from where you’re starting, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to give you the right path you to your destination.

Workplace and organizational culture, even individual employee health, happiness and performance requires the same sort of planning and analysis. This, is why we built Plasticity Insights – to help organizations locate where they are today, so they can find the best path to their ideal future state. We want Insights to do more than just help you figure out where to place those pins on your organizational roadmap, we want to be the GPS that takes you there.

Plasticity Insights is a diagnostic tool that gives you access to our researchers and experts. We help you understand the health of your people, teams, and workplace culture so you can build a better path forward.


Jim Moss

Chief Happiness Officer & Cofounder

Plasticity Labs


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